Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Random Updates

Well, I've managed to let another sizeable block of time pass since updating this-blog-that-no-one-else-reads-anymore, so here's another entry into the blogosphere...

Went down for a conference in Hurricane Country (no, not the university, the place that's like Florida's glass jaw during hurricane season) and Mrs. Blue and I had a good time. Enjoyed a short stay in my old hometown, seeing the old homestead that not owned by us anymore, visiting my grandparents and parents at the Memorial Park and having good food downtown. We got a nice room in the hotel a bit further south with a beautiful view of the beach and the sunsets (when they weren't hiding behind rainclouds), which makes up somewhat for last November, when they put us next to the laundry room. I lost out on an annual award, but no big deal there. Came back through Tampa and visited with my brother and his wife, who showed off their new coffee house/art gallery--nice.

Bigger Blue seems to be enjoying school up in Thomasville (thank GOD!), making the increased fuel costs bearable. Littlest Blue is moving into her last week of a class at FSU, giving her her first college credits while still in high school. She wants to early enroll in the worst way and I think she's more than capable. Mrs. Blue is still working part-time and looking forward to her youngest sister's moving here (if she can ever sell their house down south).

We're leaving weekend after next for a few days in Atlanta, staying next door to the Lenox Square Mall and looking forward to touring some of the sights in the old heart of the Confederacy. I just hope I don't blow a vein dealing with the traffic up in Rhett Butler's old haunts. I need the relaxation; too many nutcases lately to deal with.

Maybe I'll start writing more creative stuff again one of these days. Just gotta get in the mood for it.

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