Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Updates

Another couple of months have gone by without my updating the oh-so-important aspects of my life to the by-now-not-reading-anymore public.

My parents' house in Sarasota finally sold.

Bigger Blue decided to go back to school, this time a small college in Thomasville, GA, just up the road (and beaucoup gasoline in the tank).

Littlest Blue is enjoying her time off from high school. Good grades as usual. She's gotten her standard Driver's License finally, though Momma Blue and I don't plan on her driving anywhere solo just yet.

We survived Tropical Storm Alberto with no damage, although the winds that made the trees creak woke me up at 1:39 A.M. and kept me up worrying about fragile limbs coming down all over the place most of the night. Of course, last night, with nary a breeze to worry about, a cherry tree limb came crashing down into the back yard. At this rate, I told Mrs. Blue, we won't have to pay the tree service that's coming out next week a dime.

I've been nominated for a new annual award at our annual Conference, due to take place next month at a nice resort in South Florida. Some of the great honor of it all has worn off since I found out that just about no one else has been nominated so far. Maybe the lobbying group that's sponsoring it will attach a cash prize to it. I should be so lucky.

We've hit the 2,500 mark in U.S. casualties in Iraq and the U.S. Congress seems to be more worried about gay marriage.

I finally figured out last night why my DVDs were playing in black and white instead of color.

Father's Day is coming up Sunday. I still miss my father, who died in December, 2000 of mesothelioma, and wish he were still here. I think he would have been if the SOBs who knew of the dangers of asbestos had given guys like him proper warning.

Well, at least now I don't feel so guilty about not updating things for so long.

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