Friday, September 02, 2005

Like I Care...

About Brad and Angelina--There's still stuff in tabloids, newspapers and television "entertainment" shows about what's going on with these two morons, juxtaposed against the horrific scenes from the Gulf Coast of corpses rotting on sidewalks and overpasses and survivors quickly descending into Stone Age conditions.

About Brad and Jen--Enough about each one "telling their story" in the media already. Divorces happen all too often in the country as it is and to keep hearing two spoiled, incredibly rich beyond belief, who probably never should have gotten married in the first place "actors" whining every other day in the media has gotten boring, particularly juxtaposed...well, you get the drift.

About College and Pro Football Season--I'm sorry, it's just hard to get really excited about seeing thousands of fans and dozens of monsterously large football players in stadiums when there are tens of thousands of refugees who are slowly dying in stadiums and arenas around the Gulf Coast. I'm all for cancelling at least the early part of the season and using a Federal State of Emergency to take over all the enclosed stadiums and use them for temporary housing. ESPN be damned.

About the fingerpointing--Yep, it's already started. I suspect we'll hear on Rush Limbaugh that it was those sorry Democrats who caused Katrina and Howard Dean will fire back that it has to be all the hot air eminating from the Republicans that caused it all. Katie Couric was roasting the head of FEMA this morning on "Today", asking why the levees hadn't been updated, why earlier plans for dealing with a Cat 3 hurricane hadn't been used, why food and water wasn't getting to New Orleans faster, etc. The mayor of New Orleans has been on radio and TV complaining about everything and everybody. Look, there will be plenty of time later for recriminations and hearings to make everyone involved look stupid. Now is the time for everyone to work together and make sacrifices to help out our fellow citizens.

About "stars" doing televised benefits--Not that doing benefits itself is bad, but more of the well-to-do should follow Harry Connick, Jr.'s example. He's been down in New Orleans for days, actually going down to some of the worst places, like the Convention Center (which, by all accounts, is something like the Black Hole of Calcutta, only on a much larger scale), taking his life and livelihood in his hands and distributing water, food and supplies that he's brought in himself. A "Today" interview this morning with him on the scene revealed a guy who has obviously gone without sleep, who's talked himself hoarse and looks about ready to keel over. Him, I respect.

About people like me who get antsy when their gas gauge gets around 3/4s full--Yep, I sat in line last night in one of the few gas stations open, waiting to get my Camry filled up because I'd used all of a quarter-tank since the beginning of the week getting to work and running errands. I complain about hoarders, but I went out filling up the tanks in all three of our cars before the big price increases and the shortages made themselves evident. At least I'm better than those guys and gals driving around in their big SUVs and trucks, sucking up all the available gas (with apologies to some of my relatives who bought such monstrosities when gas was still below $1.20 a gallon). We've got air conditioning, fresh food and water and enough gas to get us around; practically paradise compared to a few hundred miles to the west of us down I-10.

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