Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kill 'Em All...Part II

If you've been keeping up with the latest news you've noticed that the 700 Club's Founder and Chief Poo-Bah, Pat Robertson, has done two things of significance since his faux pas about the U.S. illegally assassinating the President of Venezuela. First, he claimed that he'd been "misinterpreted" by the "liberal" media and all them mean anti-Christians out there as saying he thought Hugo Chavez should be killed when he really meant "kidnapped" or otherwise "taken out" (yeah, like that's SO much better?). Second, the Right Rev. Pat issued a written statement on his website essentially apologizing for his misstep in saying Chavez should be assassinated, then proceded to quote the martyred German theologian Deitrich Bonhoffer (killed, along with hundreds of others, by Hitler's goons after an abortive assassination attempt late in WWII) to somehow justify his "mistake".

Robertson STILL doesn't get it. The world does not revolve around him and his right-wing religious ideology. He's been saying wacky stuff like this for years; he claimed that feminism leads women to kill their babies and into lesbianism, that judges are "more dangerous" than Islamic terrorists and that a well-placed nuke at Foggy Bottom, home of the U.S. State Department (and probably, in his eyes, still full of Commies from the McCarthy era) would do our foreign policy a world of good. It seems to me that we've prosecuted any number of Arab Americans under terrorism laws for saying less than the stuff that Robertson's been getting away with for years. Maybe it's because no one really takes the senile old coot seriously except those folks who obviously have more money than sense who keep supporting the puppet ministry turned global religious empire that is the 700 Club.

There's something inherently dangerous about someone with that much power and influence who supposedly has God speaking in his ear every few moments with a "word of wisdom". There's also something inherently dangerous about the numbers of people who, like sheep to the slaughter, follow morons like Robertson and the rest of his televangelist ilk. The worst part about it is, however, that there are a lot of folks in the right wing of the political spectrum who really do think we should be in the assassination business. Don't like that country's policies? Why, just shoot the guy running things! Think that country over there's got nukes WE don't think they should have? Invade 'em.

Next thing you know, we'll be sending a crack hit squad out to bump off Jacques Chirac, then maybe Vicente Fox and maybe Vladimir Putin. Of course, if we have the success with them that we had in trying to off Fidel Castro (one of our plots apparently involved putting a powder in his beard that would make all his hair fall out), they don't have much to worry about. Nope, Robertson should stick to what he knows best; fleecing his flock.

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