Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back again, again.

Been quite a while since I've posted, probably because I've been rather busy with this, that and, of course, the other thing, and we all know how bad that can be.

Depressingly, however, it doesn't look like much has changed in the world since my last post. We've suffered through a much too long GOP primary season with its "front-runner of the week" which seems to now have finally closed out with the most boring, scripted and well-coiffed candidate, Mitt Romney, essentially the winner. Now Romney and his well-paid campaign staff can start shredding and deleting all the extremely-Right-Wing-nutcasey stuff he was saying to beat up on the the other candidates who were also saying extremely-Right-Wing-nutcasey things to appeal to the (what else?) extreme right wing of the GOP and the Tea Party types who vote in those things out in the wilds of Iowa and such places. His staff better be paid a lot, because they'll have their hands full trying to convince everyone with access to a computer and YouTube that he NEVER really liked the Arizona "Show Us Your Papers" law, that he really likes gays (not THAT way, of course) and that he's just an average Joe who really doesn't have buddies who are NASCAR owners or football team owners. Oh yeah, and he REALLY likes "cheesy grits".

Now we get the start the all-too-long-and-drawn-out Presidential election season. I will say one of the things I like about France is that their elections last about six weeks from start to finish with no ads clogging up the airways. Why can't we do that? Probably because the lobbyists for all the ad agencies would see themselves out of business if they weren't getting money from PACs and SuperPACs.

Oh well; at least old Blue's old house finally sold a couple of weeks ago and he's back to paying one utility bill a month and one property tax a year (unlike Mittens Romney, of course...). Ah, to be among the 1%, even if only vicariously through my taxes.

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