Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back Again

Did you miss me? Probably not, which is OK. That's what Old Blue gets for not writing daily or posting porn.

Lots has happened over the last thirteen months or so. Bought a new house, haven't been able to sell the old one; had to put my border collie to sleep because of advanced canine leukemia and have seen Youngest Blue graduate with honors from the local university, only to see her head off to the icy confines of Iowa for an eleven month stint in Americorps.

Oh, did I mention that our fair State elected a far-Right bunch in practically every open seat in the last election? That our new Governor, who used all of his own money to run (notice I was nice and didn't say he "bought" the election) is the 21st-Century version of a carpetbagger, since he's a Yankee who didn't live here until moving to Naples eight years ago in disgrace after his multi-billion dollar health services corporation was found to have engaged in massive fraud of Medicare funds? That he took the Fifth on seventy-five occasions during a civil deposition? That he basically wants to gut the State Pension System?

Ah, life goes on and on. I'll really miss my dog and my youngest one; everything else, not so much.

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