Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've not posted for a while (not that anyone seems to notice), mainly because I've been pretty busy with work and other stuff for a while.

We've completed some more work on our house, which is still a work in progress, inside and out. It's not quite "The Money Pit", but it does seem that way sometimes, especially when we keep looking at other houses.

Just got back from the Memorial Day weekend and the annual Family Reunion of Mrs. Blue's mother's side of the family. It rained pretty much all weekend , off and on, we were in a cabin a ways away from the rest of the bunch because of some issues with the cabin we were going to be in, saw a cute little mouse in the kitchen the first night, had to basically balance myself on the edge of the bed because it was a double and enjoyed ourselves. I finished reading Joe Haldeman's "The Forever War" up there--a great piece of military SF.

We're still awaiting our Governor's action towards a bill that would cut the salary of some State Employees (myself included) by 2%, effective July 1. I'm not holding my breath for a veto, given the current times.

One of my nieces is currently driving out to Truckee, CA to live for at least a few months. I worry about her trip (that's a LONG way to drive!), though not as much as if it were either Bigger Blue or Littlest Blue, since neither one likes driving on Interstates. I know she's wanted to strike out on her own, but the older relatives are hoping nothing bad happens, while I think the younger generation is excited for her. That's the difference, I suppose; us oldies look at all the possible problems, the younger folks look at all the possibilities.

The North Koreans have detonated a Hiroshima-sized nuke underground. Don't quite know what the Current Occupant needs to do this time--at least even their erstwhile allies, and even the IRANIANS, are appalled (at least publically). It'd probably be relatively easy to set up a big airstrike to take out most of their facilities and leadership, but Soeul would proably be a big smoking hole before it was over with.

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