Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Once More Into The Breach, Dear Friends

As usual, I've fooled around for about five months without posting anything.

Nice Christmas. Was able to totally freak-out Mrs. Blue by giving her a new wedding ring, cannibalizing a diamond from the wedding ring of one of my great-aunts that wasn't too out of date in cut and quite nice in and of itself and putting it into a new platinum setting with two new diamonds. She still moves it around, back and forth, in the right lighting to see the fireworks.

Budget crisis in this State exists because (a) too few tourists are coming OR (b) us greedy State employees are too busy sucking at the Public Teat OR (c) the dimwitted Republican majority in the Legislature is too afraid to do anything to the tax structure for fear of offending the folks out there who voted them in who seem to think that services (roads, libraries, law enforcement, etc.) grows on trees that the illegal immigrants harvest, relieving them of any responsibility in paying for said services.

Going on vacation at the end of May, hopefully to be gone for nearly a month out to the West Coast. With any luck and good planning, we'll be in Seattle and San Francisco and points in between during that time. I've never been on the Pacific side of our great nation, so recently illustrated in a widely-pilloried ad by Absolute Vodka for Mexican consumption as "shoulda been still Mexican". Might as well go now, since either (a) the BIG ONE will hit sometime, sooner or later, and all of what I want to see will be at the bottom of the Pacific OR (b) gas prices will be such that no one will be able to afford to travel any more.

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Anonymous said...

where have you been, blue? Update once in a while!